LDS Seminary holds graduation

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28 LDS Seminary students graduated in a ceremony in Huber Heights.

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HUBER HEIGHTS – Twenty-eight high school seniors from the north and east areas of the Miami Valley graduated from the four year seminary course of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sunday, May 22, 2016. The ceremony was held at the church at 5750 Shull Road, Huber Heights.

Over one hundred students attended early morning seminary classes at various locations to study the Old Testament this year.

Michael W. Stevens, president of the Dayton Ohio East Stake of the LDS (Mormon) church, congratulated each graduating senior as they received their diploma. President Stevens reminded the students they are at a new beginning in their lives even as they complete their seminary and high school education. He counseled them to trust in truth, especially the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Two graduates spoke at the ceremony. Cienna Johnson, a senior from Springfield, shared that her seminary experience helped her prepare for future missionary service, helped her get to know her fellow students better and helped her learn to rely on the spirit to get through each day. She also learned responsibility, study techniques and patience.

Jarrett Thomas, a senior from Beavercreek, said he learned different principles in each of the four years he attended seminary. His first two years he lived in Maryland and witnessed Christ like love from his teacher and the virtue of patience. When his family moved to Beavercreek for his junior year, he learned how to receive personal revelation and as a senior worked on humility in his own life. Thomas is preparing to serve a mission for the church soon.

Fourteen volunteer teachers made up the seminary faculty for the 2016 school year. Graduating seniors were (Beavercreek) Charles Aleccia, Zoe Elizalde, James Fuerst, Evan Hancock, Jackson Hansen, Miriam Hastriter, Coltrin Haun, Abigail Tourtillott, Julieanne Worthingrton, (Bellefontaine) Sarah Wahl,( Fairborn) Colin Campbell, Kaitlin Dunn, (Huber Heights) Emma Andrus, Trey Guy, Alexis Wingate, Kimberly Balli, (Piqua) Katherine Groover, (Sidney) Timothy Nielson, (Springfield) Cienna Johnson, Chandler Vandiford, (Xenia) Jamie Bradley, Bradley Cutler, Soraya Huddleston, Evan Moulton, Bailey Nicholas, Carol Sanderson, Micah Sullivan, Jarett Thomas, Alan Thompson, Alexis Tiemeier.

28 LDS Seminary students graduated in a ceremony in Huber Heights. LDS Seminary students graduated in a ceremony in Huber Heights. Contributed photo

Staff report