Fire runs for June 22-28

HUBER HEIGHTS — The following fire and EMS runs were made by the Huber Heights Fire Division between June 22-28.

June 22

EMS Assist, Bellefontaine

EMS Assist, Fisher

Illegal Burn, Chambersburg

EMS Assist, Claircrest

Auto Accident, Taylorsville Rd. at Timbercrest

EMS Assist, Mount Mansfield

Auto Accident, State Route 235 at Chambersburg

EMS Assist, Brandt

Investigation (Odor), Taylorsville

EMS Assist, Kirkview

EMS Assist, Chatlake

June 23

EMS Assist, Rip Rap

Gas Leak (Natural), Camerford

Auto Accident, Interstate 70

EMS Assist, Shull

June 24

Mutual Aid, Harshman

EMS Assist, Channingway

EMS Assist, Penhurst

Structure Fire, Troy Villa

June 25

Fire Alarm, Shull

EMS Assist, Charlesworth

EMS Assist, Cobblestone

EMS Assist, Harshmanville

EMS Assist, Merily

Auto Accident, Brandt

June 26

Fire Alarm, Merily

EMS Assist, Brandt

Auto Accident, Brandt

June 27

Carbon Monoxide (No Illness), Watergate

EMS Assist, Powell

EMS Assist, Vitek

EMS Assist, Chatsworth

June 28

EMS Assist, Pocahontas

EMS Assist, Belle Plain

Fire Alarm, Evergreen

Vehicle Fire, State Route 235 at Chambersburg

Service Call, Highbury

Fire Alarm (High Hazard), Brandt

Investigation (Odor), Taylorsville


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