Greg—Note: Anytime you need to move stories around on front page or front sports page to better fit the template space, you have the freedom to do so and do not need to call me for permission.

Publication: Huber Heights Courier

Date: Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015


Volume: 57 (Notice: 57 is the correct volume, according to post office)

Issue: 31 (Notice: 30 is the correct issue)

No. of sections: 1

No. of pages: 16



Page 1A: A10—jump local stories to page 5


1) HHC112615ballot 22”

2)HHC112615Miller_Meyer 15”w/3 photos

3)HHC112615CouncilA 39”

4)HHC112615CouncilB 12”

Notice box:

Weather A2

Opinion: A4

Classifieds A8-9

Sports A11-14

Bar code: Note: Huber Heights Courier was having an issue with the incorrect UPC being used as 674 825 328 047 is the CORRECT UPC to be used.

Page 2A Local

Page 4A Opinion

TEI112615CARTOONS—top right

HHC112615Gunnellcolumn 9”—middle right—MUST

TEI112615DeWine—18”—bottom right

HHC112615Mintoncolumn 7”—top left—MUST

TEI112615BobBatz11”—bottom left

TEI112615BookShoppe 21”—optional

TEI112615GeryDeer 20”—optional

Page 8A Classified

Page 9A Classified/local

Page 11A Menards full page ad

Page 12A Sports B10 (jump to page 13A-14A)

1) HHC112615DeWeaver 14” w/5 photos

2) HHC112615FB_Hilliard 23” w/ 5 photos

3) HHC112615OHSAApairings 20”

Inside sports

HHC112615minuteman 15” w/4 photos (optional)

Page 13A Sports

SPECIAL REQUEST: PLEASE PLACE HHC112615GoodHands (1 PHOTO WITH CUTLINE) ABOVE THE BRIAN MACY Insurance AD so that the pictures and cutline is right above the ad.

Page 15A Fall Sports Page-should be done

Page 16A Valentine Buick full page

Inside stories

HHC112615CHuberhonorroll 17”—MUST

HHC112615CHuberHonorCitizens 26”—MUST


HHC112615Lodgeinstallation10” w/ 1 photo

HHC111915scholarship 6”

HHC112615scam 3”

HHC112615policereports 14”


HHC112615treelighting 8”

HHC112615Calendar 20”

HHC112615SafetyPatrolR—photo only

HHC112615GoldenTimes 50”

HHC112615RTA 9”



HHC112615Areabriefs 30”

VDN112615HonorFlight 9” w/1 photo

TEI112615GrandeIllumination 30” w/1 photo

TEI112615HolidayEvents 22” w/1 photo

HHCOSBA112615 14” w/1 photo

TEI112615JuvenileJustice 20” w/ 1 photo

VDN112615Aullwood 16” w/1 logo

TEI112615NewStudy 16” w/1 logo

HHC112615Pesticides 16” w/1 photo

HHC112615SHERIFF 4” w/1 logo

HHC112615VAP 9” w/1 logo