‘Little Mermaid’ opens at La Comedia

By Gary Gregory - For the Courier

Rachel Dickson plays the mermaid named Ariel.

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SPRINGBORO — With an eye on the youth audience, La Comedia Dinner Theatre hits the target with “The Little Mermaid,” the two-act staging that continues through Aug. 30 in Springboro.

Its opening night crowd of nearly 500 patrons included more than 150 children, ages five to 12.

Loosely based on the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, the colorful production features the mermaid named Ariel as well as more than a dozen sea creatures. The production includes more than a dozen scene changes and more than two dozen songs including the signature tune “Under the Sea.”

Ariel breaks a cardinal rule of her father, King Triton, by surfacing out of the sea and onto land, where she meets Prince Eric on the beach. She returns to the sea but longs for the day when she is reunited with her true love.

Ursula, a powerful sea urchin who lives in her lair with slimy characters named Flotsam and Jetsam, has the power to send Ariel to the world above — but at a price that includes Ariel’s voice.

All turns out well in the final scenes but it’s a long haul. Including intermission, the show spans more than two-and-a-half hours. For example, the Walt Disney animated feature released in 1988, is a mere 82 minutes in length.

Performance quality varies with Rachel Dickson on the top tier in the title role. Other leading characters include Ezekiel Andrew as King Triton, Leanne Acero as Ursula. and Will T. Travis as the crab Sebastian.

For ticket information on “The Little Mermaid,” call 1-800-677-9505. Discount tickets for children are $30.

Rachel Dickson plays the mermaid named Ariel.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/35/2015/07/web1_LittleMermaidR.jpgRachel Dickson plays the mermaid named Ariel. Submitted photo

By Gary Gregory

For the Courier